Thursday, February 26, 2009

video Submission Site

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Video submission sites are "popping up" all over the Internet these days! Most beginners get their "feet wet" with video sharing sites such as YouTube and Google Video. When they see the impact that a well crafted video makes in traffic generation, they begin to investigate other video sharing sites. With so many video submission sites available, it has taken me a while to narrow my choices to a few favorites.

The most popular video submission site is YouTube and this has consistently got a top 3 of the most busiest and popular sites in The World, yes that is sites and not just video submission sites. Consequently Google has been 'hanging around' YouTube for a while now and indeed bought YouTube, the video submission site itself. This is amazing when you consider that it already had it's own Google Video video submission site too. But as well as these big players, there are many many other video submission sites you should consider too.

Traffic Geyser is my favourite video clip submitter and it currently posts to video submission sites: Adhysteria, BoFunk, Dailymotion, Esnips, GUBA, iViewTube, Kewego, LiveVideo, MegaVideo,, Myspace Videos,, Putfile, Revver, SharkleSpike, Stickam, u2upfly, Google Video, Yahoo Video, VidiLife and YouTube.

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The Traffic Geyser video clip submitter offers far more features and benefits than any other video submission software service. They will actually make your videos for you from your photos, and supply audio from phone calls you make to a special phone number! The Gold Service, at 97.00 a month, allows you to submit up to 3500 videos to the 35 different video submission sites supported by the Traffic Geyser video clip submitter system.